G'day and welcome to my VK-DMR information page. Information on this page is gleamed from the VK DMR servers via the DMR hot spot channel and dashboards. Although I have taken care with gathering the stats they are not official and do not come from the officials that run the VK-DMR project. As such they are provided as is and without warranty. In saying that a big thanks to Peter VK3TE for embracing the site.

I'm providing the stats from a hobby and interest point of view in the spirit of Amateur radio, In my day job I look after a very large network these sorts of stats drive product development and reliability. This is not a name and shame list. There are a lot of good reasons for short transmissions. Please be kind.

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General information.

First transmission in DB2019-06-14 10:24:40
Last Update2022-07-06 07:05:03
Total DMR Radio ID's221624
Total Australian VKDMR Users2187 Dump VK Users
Total VK transmissions1350666 (6076.6 hours)
Total Kerchunks (TX<3s) 551366 (40.8%)
Total Calls from VK RF Repeters 449383 (33.3%)
First Foundation VKDMR User VK3FPDH 2019-09-25 16:05:59

Top 10 most active callsigns. (by transmissions not including Kerchunks)

VK2FATS11854Lee BARBOURSYDNEY New South Wales Australia
VK3RM8486Randall Mcdonaldmelbourne Victoria Australia
VK3MJR5506Ronald F LiddiardCraigieburn Victoria Victoria Australia
VK7JFD5207John DeeganLaunceston Tasmania Australia
VK4NBL4940Peter FauthMurray Bridge South Australia Australia
VK4ICE4781Dave TavenerClontarf Queensland Australia
VK2NJP4572John PerksNowra New South Wales Australia
VK4NSP4129Shaun StapletonRockhampton Queensland Australia
VK7ZCR3841Clayton John ReadingHobart Tasmania Australia
VK3KYY3795Roger ClarkBeaumaris Victoria Australia

Top 10 most active callsigns. (by transmission duration not including the net)

VK2VE3576.4Eric Van De WeyerDenistone (Sydney) New South Wales Australia
VK3KYY3566.73Roger ClarkBeaumaris Victoria Australia
VK3RM3392.23Randall Mcdonaldmelbourne Victoria Australia
VK2FATS3390.4Lee BARBOURSYDNEY New South Wales Australia
VK3MJR3334.78Ronald F LiddiardCraigieburn Victoria Victoria Australia
VK7JFD3073.75John DeeganLaunceston Tasmania Australia
VK2WEL2874.8George Thomas AdamsBurrill Lake 2539 New South Wales Australia
VK4ICE2475.82Dave TavenerClontarf Queensland Australia
VK4NSP2291.55Shaun StapletonRockhampton Queensland Australia
VK4NBL2276.93Peter FauthMurray Bridge South Australia Australia

Top 10 Kerchunker's

VK3RM3254Randall Mcdonaldmelbourne Victoria Australia
VK4ZTG3238Terry GriffithsMt ISA NW QUEENSLAND Queensland Australia
VK2FATS2843Lee BARBOURSYDNEY New South Wales Australia
VK4ICE2820Dave TavenerClontarf Queensland Australia
VK2HTV2515Glenn CoddingtonSydney New South Wales Australia
VK7JFD2451John DeeganLaunceston Tasmania Australia
VK7RC2186Ross M Somann-CrawfordEast Launceston Tasmania Australia
VK2CLH1952Charles L HuntWarners Bay New South Wales Australia
VK4NGA1938Glenn AllemandBeerwah Queensland Australia
VK3MJR1725Ronald F LiddiardCraigieburn Victoria Victoria Australia

Number of calls by talk group

Calls (Total/VK)Talk GroupTime SlotRemarksVK Users
311395/307280 (99%)505 2Australia Wide Call Channel1782
143888/27900 (19%)1 1World Wide957
74093/73068 (99%)9 1Local Repeter786
60634/58677 (97%)5 1Club Nets and Broadcasts1113
56016/8880 (16%)143 1CQ-UK Wires-X354
51504/50901 (99%)3809 1VK9 External Territories/Chat884
49354/47511 (96%)3803 2VK3 Victoira968
48961/46866 (96%)3802 2VK2 New South Wales979
40222/37525 (93%)3807 2VK7 Tasmania619
31687/30242 (95%)3804 2VK4 Queensland832
25641/25097 (98%)53 1Oceania337
21106/4888 (23%)13 1Worldwide English583
14875/13673 (92%)3801 2VK1 Capital Territory735
9446/3090 (33%)3 1DMR-MARC North America261
8727/8211 (94%)113 1User Activated chat 1330
8174/7641 (93%)3808 2VK8 Northern Territory426
7896/7833 (99%)3810 1VK WICEN Group428
7519/1771 (24%)153 1South Pacific231
7439/6947 (93%)3805 2VK5 South Australia496
6073/5899 (97%)3800 2User Activated230
5448/4923 (90%)3806 2VK6 Western Australia422
5073/4698 (93%)9 2Reflectors389
1552/1309 (84%)123 1User activated chat 2211
1194/474 (40%)310 1TAC 310120
958/587 (61%)133 1USA - Nationwide172
864/851 (98%)1910 1ARNSW Network82
311/311 (100%)8 1Local Area45
20/18 (90%)9990 2Parrot4

Number of calls by State

StateCallsKerchunk'sDuration Hours
VK1140217591 (54%)62.7
VK2316852128226 (40%)1887.9
VK319973085120 (43%)1198
VK420258382431 (41%)1270.7
VK52406311664 (48%)130.8
VK681384809 (59%)43.2
VK77050324109 (34%)690.4
VK873652125 (29%)43.9
VK99522 (23%)0.4

Top 10 most active callsigns on Local TG9 (by transmissions not including Kerchunks)

VK2XDS9135Grant H (Bill) RandellTyndale New South Wales Australia
VK2KJ3684Kw JacksonElland New South Wales Australia
VK2YAD3666Roland RiedeKangaroo Point New South Wales Australia
VK2IOJ2537Michael RennardSouthgate Nsw 2460 New South Wales Australia
VK2ATC2496Rob New South Wales Australia
VK2MX2242Sk MccarthyWaterview Heights New South Wales Australia
VK3AMJ1544Daniel WallbankMelbourne Victoria Australia
VK3MJR1233Ronald F LiddiardCraigieburn Victoria Victoria Australia
VK3ZWA1102Robert ZwarteveenExford 3338 Vic Victoria Australia
VK2ATC1049Rob New South Wales Australia

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